The Flower and Butterfly Explained

My vision for the Flower and the Butterfly is interwoven with my personal vision. It is a platform allowing for my creative expression and through which I communicate all I have learned and am learning on my journey.

In nature, the flower and the butterfly exemplify the most ideal form of symbiosis, both benefiting from their relationship. The flower is rooted -it seeks to nurture and connect from a fixed place/home. It’s inviting scent welcomes the butterfly to take in its sweet nectar, thereby sustaining the butterfly.

The butterfly is free and untethered - it also seeks to nurture and connect and travels flower to flower, pollinating and sustaining the future of the flowers. True to its nature, once the butterfly fulfills its purpose, it yearns to be light and free.

My epiphany that I am the butterfly and not the flower was exhilarating. In that blessed moment I understood why I haven’t felt “right” for some time. I will always love my husband’s sweet term of endearment for me just as I will always cherish the years I was happily rooted in family life. But there are other parts of me; parts that crave freedom and movement and lightness. They can’t be contained.

So….the Flower and the Butterfly is not only Mome’s blog, it is a metaphor for:

Who I am and how I connect with the world….

My connection to spirit ….all that exists outside of myself but which I yearn to connect - to feel complete

That lessons that nature holds for us all.

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