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My Approach

I empower people just like you to release whatever is holding them back from truly loving their lives.

Past clients have experienced a myriad of benefits as they let go of overwhelm, self-doubt, anxiety, worry, negative thinking, and unreasonable expectations, freeing up energy and positivity to breathe life into new dreams.


Together we’ll clear out all the sh#$ that you’ve been “gifted” from society, your parents, and even yourself. From there, you’ll have the emotional and mental freedom to connect to what matters most to you and to feel good.

What's a Coaching Session Like?

We'll begin each session by checking in with you.


What's going on for you?

What do you want to be coached on today?


If you're not sure, I'll give you the time and space you need to sit with these questions or I'll get curious and ask empowering questions.


In this way, we will co-create your initial or presenting agenda.


From here, we'll explore what lies underneath this presenting agenda; i.e. what's most important about this agenda and from there, we'll co-create a worthy goal for that day's session. 

I will listen deeply, ask more empowering questions, utilize powerful coaching for transformation skills and strategies, leverage my coaching experience and tap into my intuition to support you as you discover more of who you are, what you want and how to get there. 


Each session will end with a recap and brief discussion of how you might bring that session’s learning/insights with you, This will often include a request or challenge by me to support your taking action. With your ok, I will hold you accountable with a follow up after our session.


Feedback from you will ensure that you are deriving value from the coaching.

My Coaching Style

My goal is for you to leave each session feeling inspired, connected and empowered and will do what it takes to get you there; i.e. I'm honest and bold.


Not feeling brave? Fear not as I am also a nurturer and an intuit and will honor what you need to keep you moving forward on your path.

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