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When I became a Mom, I made it my life's mission to have a positive relationship with my daughters. You see....growing up, my mother and I struggled to get along. Determined to leave this painful dynamic behind me, I worked long and hard to question everything I thought I knew about myself and how I wanted to be a mommy. I dedicated the next 25+ years to motherhood, and it's been a journey filled with glorious highs and some very painful lows. 


Being a mother to my girls has been the best job I could have ever hoped for; the love and friendship we share brings me and them immense joy. Now that they're grown, my current mission is to empower fellow mothers to release whatever is holding them back from truly loving their lives - BECAUSE THERE'S SO MUCH AT STAKE. 


My journey to MOME has taken me a while; I launched this business at 57. There were many times I thought I had "figured it out" only to realize I hadn't. I know now that these weren't mistakes but course corrections; -that the Universe was waiting for me to finish raising my precious daughters, to search and question, and to find Transformation Coaching.  


MOME is when the power of motherhood aligns with the power of the Universe.


Every experience and choice (even the really painful and regrettable ones) have brought me to this point, and I am grateful for all the insights and growth. 

As much as I enjoyed motherhood, my free-spirited, independent nature was constricted by the suburban wife and mother lifestyle I had never imagined for myself. (Note: this was the 2nd time my free-spirited, independent nature was constricted. First time was a protracted period of pre-adolescence to young adult). I often felt guilty that my beautiful family wasn't enough for me, but it wasn't. For 14 years, while I ran my own recruiting business from a home office, I had been able to feed the creative and goal-oriented parts of me.  But when I closed the business in 2008 due to market conditions, I lost my way.


These last 10 years have been long and mostly lonely while I've tried on different solutions only to realize they didn't fit. I knew I wasn't living my soul's purpose, though I desperately wanted to. I'm here to tell you that if you feel overwhelmed, alone, anxious, stressed, lost, unfulfilled, exhausted, confused, sad, or .... you are NOT alone. And you can feel better. 


I never gave up. I kept seeking and trying. Now I am reclaiming my power and connecting to all that enlivens me. I know your struggle...and as a transformational life coach, ex-recruiter and mother, I want to share all that I am and all that I know to guide you on your journey. (For background on my journey, see this Blog Post).


Women are gamechangers; we're all powerful. But we mothers are a special breed. We're resourceful, nurturing AND can get anything done.


Wherever you are on your journey, I'd love to work with you in releasing whatever isn't serving you; freeing up your energy and positivity to heal whatever needs healing, to imagine what’s possible and to live your best life. 

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With love and gratitude,


  • Freedom from Overwhelm and Over-thinking

  • Be More Positive; Give Yourself Permission

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Manage Change and Transitions Effectively

  • Release Old, Limiting Thinking and Habits

  • Gain Awareness of Feelings and Emotions

  • Learn Tools to Quiet Thoughts and Be Present

  • Transform Judgment into Curiosity

  • Overcome Obstacles to Change and Growth

  • Develop Self Care Practices and Healthy Habits

  • Discover What Enlivens You and Live from There

  • Reconnect with Your Inner Child and Play

  • Gain Clarity and Find Direction

  • Reignite your Creativity

  • Heal what needs Healing

  • Accept and Love Yourself;Truly and Deeply

  • Rediscover your True Self and Welcome Yourself hOMe

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