Hi! I'm Michele Weisman, and I'm a certified Transformation coach with 25+ years of motherhood experience. I empower mothers just like you to:


  • RELEASE... limiting beliefs, negative patterns of thinking, role definitions, and toxic relationships

  • REIMAGINE... your life based on what matters most to you. Unencumbered by limitations, imagine unlimited possibilities and decide how you want to show up in the world

  • REDISCOVER... who you are as a woman, mother, and force of nature


Allow me to guide and support you through my signature 3 R's Transformation Program. From a place of deep awareness, I'll help you RELEASE whatever isn't working.  From here, you will REIMAGINE your life and REDISCOVER your true self.  Who you have been has nothing to do with who you can be.

With me as your coach, you'll discover and embrace your inner power to make the choices that serve you best. 


You have no idea how powerful you are...yet. But you will, and I can't wait for you to...

Accept it. Own it. Love it.

Michele's coaching process helped me find myself and define my core beliefs. Now I'm able to make better decisions in my life, especially the big ones (change of career, choosing a partner) based on what is important to me; not just what others want. She helped me decipher thoughts that were pacing between my head and heart. Thank you Michele!

Cayce, 52

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