Michele Weisman
Certified Transformation Coach
Certified Breathwork Facilitator
Transformation Coaching For Your Inner Child and You

Free....Empowered...Happy...Easy...Enlivened...Confident..Inspired..Joyful...Energized......Grounded....Relaxed...Balanced..Satisfied......Loving...Creative...Sure....In the Flow...Clear....Focused...Calm......

Feeling good is everything.

When you're in a place of feeling good, energy flows and possibility abounds. From this place of alignment, connected to your inner wisdom, you can envision your best life. 

As your transformation coach, I will meet you wherever you are in this moment, and from this place, I will facilitate your journey inward, guiding you towards alignment.


As you connect with your inner wisdom and begin to appreciate your power and resourcefulness, you will:

  • RELEASE... limiting beliefs, negative patterns of thinking, buried, hurtful emotions, toxic relationships....

  • REIMAGINE... your life based on what matters most to you. Unencumbered by limitations and rich with fresh perspective, you will be free to imagine unlimited possibilities 

  • REDISCOVER... who you really are

You are so much more than who you think you are.


You are mind, body AND soul.


You are an eternal being in a physical body, in a time and space reality, in a constant state of becoming.

And your feelings are so important.

Gaining an awareness of how you feel is the starting point.


From this place of deep awareness, I will guide you towards the alignment of your mind, body and SOUL.

Because your life is meant to feel good. And fun.


Michele's coaching process helped me find myself and define my core beliefs. Now I'm able to make better decisions in my life, especially the big ones (change of career, choosing a partner) based on what is important to me; not just what others want. She helped me decipher thoughts that were pacing between my head and heart. Thank you Michele!

Cayce, 52

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